Clinical Counseling


What I Believe … Providing clients with safe spaces to freely express themselves, encourages them to “stretch & grow” and teaches the coping skills necessary for their journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. My main goal is to equip clients with the essential skills that allow them to embrace life’s struggles, while maintaining their JOY & a healthy balance of life and love. Clinical Counseling: The process of talking with a clinician (therapist) in a safe space that allows you to freely express yourself; with the intention of working with you to acquire skills & strategies to begin your journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. WHO BENEFITS: Clinical Counseling can be beneficial for individuals experiencing depression, feelings of sadness & anxiety for prolonged periods of time. And for those that have experienced hurts, disappointments or traumas that have impacted your ability to communicate & function well in relationships and social settings. Our 360 approach to therapy is the answer, because it can effectively aide & guide individuals on their personal wellness journey.
Reiki Therapy


What I Believe…I believe that the full alignment between our mind, body, and soul (or essence of you) is key for us individuals to operate as our best selves. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and reiki practitioner, I believe that the healing process can take many forms. The overall goal for wellness is often to be aligned in all areas of your life. I believe reiki is a perfect tool for that. Reiki Therapy: Reiki is a form of energetic healing in which the reiki practitioner uses life force energy to remove blockages and to clear and align chakras. Reiki, which finds its origins in Japan, has a clinically documented medicinal impact when used to treat injury and illness. One can often find practitioners in hospitals, medical clinics, palliative care, and hospice facilities that utilize reiki. WHO BENEFITS: Reiki is one of those rare services that can be beneficial to any individual. It is quite frequently recommended for those who are in need of treatment for various physical ailments and mental health conditions.
EMDR Therapy


What I Believe… that the mind/body/soul (or essence of you) needs to be in alignment for there to be peak level of wellness. I speak from experience from attending therapy for a few years and I was feeling good but when I started adding things like reiki, yoga, acupuncture, etc. I was able to feel a sense of balance that I had never experienced. So, to me, therapy is just one of many types of wellness tools to consider. EMDR Therapy: A psychotherapy tool that uses eye movement and bilateral stimulations to address psychological stress and the responses to this stress. WHO BENEFITS: EMDR therapy can be beneficial for individuals seeking assistance with processing and healing from the emotional distress caused by traumatic events, and for those experiencing PTSD, depression, and anxiety or suffering from addiction. EMDR is also beneficial for those that have been in counseling and feeling stagnate and feel that they are in need of additional therapeutic services.


What I Believe … I believe that wellness is essential because how can we show up fully as individuals, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc if we neglect our entire being. So how can we take care of others, if we don’t focus on ourselves first. We tend to go to the doctor for our physical health but don’t take care of our mental health, which then impacts how we are to others and ourselves. That is why I believe in wellness and therapeutic services because our mind is the motherboard of our entire body. Hypnotherapy: Clinical hypnotherapy is the state of physical relaxation and focused concentration. WHO BENEFITS: Clinical hypnotherapy can be beneficial for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem, traumas, addiction, phobias, substance abuse & undesirable spontaneous behaviors and bad habits. Hypnotherapy supports change through one’s subconscious mind which is the most powerful part of us. Clinical hypnosis speaks directly to the power of the mind and it reminds us how powerful we truly are without our conscience questioning everything that is being said which gives us the opportunity to work towards change. An added benefit is learning how to continue to support yourself outside of sessions through learning self-hypnosis.


360 Group Clinical Coaching

360 Clinical Coaching w/THE My Warrior Life™️ Team

360 Coaching: Humanistic Therapeutic Approach, addressing THE Hierarchy of Needs, by providing a SAFE space to interact, connect, heal & grow, with a 360 Healing Coach, to acquire the skills & strategies necessary to begin your journey of emotional healing. The Focus: SPIRIT Care, SOUL Care, Loving Your Mind & Honoring Your BODY.
Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health by Taylor

What I Believe… I believe that we are all Divinely Whole beings, no matter what we have experienced in this lifetime. In and through our wellness I believe that the way we nourish our bodies is a direct reflection of the way we nourish our lives as a whole, because everything touches everything. One healing space, if we allow, leads us to healing in all spaces. I have seen this manifest in my own life as well as the beautiful souls I have been blessed enough to be a part of. Holistic Health Coaching: We work together to truly get in touch with your body’s needs so that you are able to fully trust the messages it is sending you. I help you to learn the art of listening to your unique physicality so that you are able to make conscious decisions that fuel & support the life you deserve! WHO BENEFITS: Individuals seeking to nourish their body through a holistic approach rooted in lifestyle changes. Holistic Health coaching assists those looking to build trust in their food choices, those seeking to learn how to integrate effective food choices into their life and those seeking to not be controlled by what they do and do not eat.
Musical Expression Therapy

Musical Expression Therapy by Jasmine

What I Believe… I think that traditional therapy and music both have the ability to heal. One is expression through words and the other is through sound and rhythm but they both provide a way to release emotions which is something that we all need. Musical Expression Therapy: Healing through Musical Expression through the use of an array of techniques such as singing, songwriting, and playing instruments. WHO BENEFITS: Musical Expression therapy is beneficial for those experiencing anxiousness, long periods of sadness, traumas, or depression, to help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. An additional benefit is the ability to release pent up emotions through creativity.
Maternal Health & Wellness

Maternal Health & Wellness by Devona

What I Believe… I believe that access to quality care is pivotal to an individual’s well being. Black women have been given the crumbs of the healthcare system for way too long. I have made it my business to be a part of the change on the individual, regional and national level. I am not alone in this work so many have come before me, so many stand with me and I want to aid in bringing more women into this work that will continue in this fight after me. Black women deserve better and we are fighting for just that. Maternal Health & Wellness: Is the ability to make informed decisions about how care is provided and by who, during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Shared decision making from the beginning to the end with a team of skilled professionals, family and friends should be included in the birthing persons care plan. WHO BENEFITS: Maternal Health & Wellness can be beneficial for women seeking emotional support, improved birthing outcomes, a reduction of the chances of giving birth via C-Section, and postpartum support.
THE ReSet Room

THE ReSet Room

THE ReSet Room: A safe space where you can sit & sip (tea), reflect, rejuvenate or read and listen to music. THE ReSet Room represents a form of Radical SelfCare that allows you to hit the pause button and check-in with your Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body. WHO BENEFITS: THE ReSet Room is beneficial for individuals seeking a space to relax, rejuvenate, de-stress, self-soothe and or decompress. An added benefit of THE ReSet Room is the inviting, warm & serene atmosphere that encourages the practice of Radical SelfCare.
iLove Me Experience™

THE iLove Me Experiences™

Intimate & unique experiences curated & crafted to assist you in starting, continuing, or advancing your wellness journey. WHO BENEFITS: iLove Me Experiences™ are beneficial for women seeking experiences that provide the opportunity to “Break & Breathe”, encourage Radical SelfCare, and curates the space for womxn to “Stretch & Grow”.
THE 360 Experience™ Retreat

THE 360 Retreat Experience™️

One of the first wellness retreats of its kind, where we unapologetically focus on everything SelfCare. Prepare to be edified and inspired, through a series of transformative workshops and experiences; designed to help you achieve life wellness. WHO BENEFITS: THE 360 Experience™️ Retreat is beneficial for women seeking an environment that encourages collaboration amongst all womxn. For womxn seeking a safe space to be vocal & vulnerable, inspired, uplifted and encouraged to champion for one another.


Corporate Wellness Coaching

Corporate Wellness by Wendy

What I Believe … Providing clients with safe spaces to freely express themselves, encourages them to “stretch & grow” and teaches the coping skills necessary for their journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. My main goal is to equip clients with the essential skills that allow them to embrace life’s struggles, while maintaining their JOY & a healthy balance of life and love. Corporate Wellness Coaching: A development of skills acquired through implementing coping skills and SelfCare strategies, to set personal Barriers & Boundaries; in order to build a collective community. WHO BENEFITS: Increase team cohesiveness, positive interactions and communication amongst staff, through Diversity awareness training, Crisis Intervention Skills training, Empathy Training, and Team Synergy days.
Community Wellness Coaching

Community Wellness Coaching (501c3) by Wendy

Community Wellness Coaching: An introduction to the concept of Radical SelfCare & its importance, Defining the Intersectionality of our Social Emotional Selves & Energy, andTHE Mind Body Connection (listening to your body). WHO BENEFITS: Strengthening community by decreasing the stigma of seeking counseling, mental health services or the participation in wellness experiences. Increase community cohesiveness & positive interactions amongst community members, and an increased knowledge of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.
Artistic Expression Therapy

Artistic Expression Therapy by Wendy

Artistic Expression Therapy: Artistic Expression Therapy is a five part workshop that redefines what caring for our mind, body, soul and spirit looks like on a daily basis. This workshop is not your typical self care note taking seminar. Instead, we will work together to combine music, art and other mediums along with group dialogue to create preventative skills to help participants manage through times of frustration. WHO BENEFITS: Artistic Expression is beneficial for individuals seeking a safe space to openly discuss their anxieties through art & discussion, fostering community and partnership during times of stress and frustration, providing skills and suggestions around managing anxieties through art & discussion, shifting the perspective on caring for our mind, body, soul and spirit from a task oriented pursuit to entertaining activities.
Warrior FIT “Body In Motion”

Warrior FIT “Body In Motion”

What I Believe… Wellness and therapeutic services are action mantras. I find that my life is better with balance even when the world seems to make endless attempts to interfere at every turn. From mindful eating to physical movement, healing and letting go is an ongoing effort. So the goal in life is to first start by identifying you want a change, however small. Mindset and deep inhale… Then move intentionally toward making the change manifest. These are micro movements, to engage in full body, mind, soul healing. This is the work. Now exhale.. Warrior FIT “Body In Motion”: A Body In Motion remains in motion. A Body in Rest remains at rest. ALL level of fitness are welcome. During this class, participants can expect to use Hatha style yoga through gentle reconnection with your pranayama (Breath), asana (pose), and overall wellness. WHO BENEFITS: Body in Motion is beneficial for individuals seeking to gain skills to decrease levels of stress through movement, seeking to reunite with self and being more compassionate towards myself, and learning how stress and mindset impacts their body and spirit and those seeking to engage in life’s changing balance to improve their overall health
Wendy’s Life Wellness WorkShops

Life Wellness Workshops by Wendy

Wendy’s Life Wellness WorkShops are designed to inspire and empower all ages to be confident, secure in the skin they’re in and maintain healthy relationships; while placing emphasis on Radical SelfCare. WHO BENEFITS: Wendy’s Life Wellness WorkShops benefit individuals seeking tips, tools, and life wellness lessons that focus on assisting individuals with curating (for themselves) opportunities to “Break & Breathe”, as well as normalizing the practice of Radical SelfCare.
Community Engagement Project(s)

Wendy’s Life Wellness Community Engagement Project(s)

Wendy’s Life Wellness Community Engagement Project(s) provide experiences and opportunities to Spread Love & Embrace Community. And assist in maintaining spiritual, emotional, mental & physical wellness, with the idea that it is a blessing to be of service to those in need. WHO BENEFITS: Wendy’s Life Wellness Community Engagement Project(s) benefit individuals seeking to be a part of a movement that encourages community love, growth & commitment. An added benefit is the opportunity to broaden your perspective and see the world, as well as yourself through a wider lens.
BODY Balancing Massage Therapy

BODY Balancing Massage Therapy

What we believe...human beings need a space where they can unapologetically focus on everything SelfCare. We are working to normalize the practice of RADICAL SelfCare & promote a life of wellness, through our offering of both traditional and non-traditional therapeutic services and experiences, curated to focus on Spirit Care, Soul Care, Loving THE Mind & Body Care. What it is? Body Balancing Massage Therapy assists with maintaining a life of wellness. These sessions have been proven to assist in keeping your body in alignment, which helps to alleviate tension and stress, promoting positive results in both your professional & personal life. Here at WLW Healing House, our therapeutic “Body Balancing” massages address Body Care; it is equally as important to show love and compassion to your mind, as it is to your body. WHO BENEFITS:These sessions help clients discover a new life with less pain, greater range of motion, personal growth, more energy, better sleep and inner peace. All body balancing massages are customized to your body’s needs for that day. Our therapeutic massage therapists combine several modalities to address your chronic and acute issues.


































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